101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (2024)

This ultimate collection of 100+ healthy pressure cooker recipes will have you in and out of the kitchen with delicious food in a fraction of the time! Chicken enchilada soup? Beef bourguignon? Sweet and tangy pulled pork? Yes, please! Enjoy the very best of Instant Pot meals!

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (2)

Easy, fast, healthy, and delicious… What more could you want from your food?

And know what gets you there? It’s a simple mathematical equation…

pressure cooker or Instant Pot + a great recipe!

Great news! This simple math just got easier — instead of you hunting down recipes, we’ve done all the work for you.

We know you’re busy! Simple recipes for families on-the-go is the key!

Enjoy recipes below for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack time, batch cooking, and even pet food!

This collection of Instant Pot meals also provides for a large variety of dietary restrictions in a fraction of the time, including THM-friendly recipes, Keto recipes, low carb, Paleo, Whole30, vegan, vegetarian, AIP and GAPS diet feasts.

Here are some of the most amazing, easy and healthy pressure cooker (or Instant Pot) recipes! Bookmark this page and come back often. Better yet, pin your favorites on Pinterest!

Want more? Here’s Getting Started with Pressure Cooking, 8 Reasons To Love Pressure Cooking, How To Use The Instant Pot, and our Pressure Cooking eCourse (included with membership in Traditional Cooking School).

Learn the basics of which pressure cooker to choose, how to begin using it, how to clean it, and so much more with our healthy pressure cooker recipe archives!

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100+ Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes From Breakfast To Dessert

This all-in-one appliance can sauté, slow cook, quick cook, make yogurt, speed up fermentation, bake cakes, make stew and on and on. So let’s get started with some great time-saving healthy Instant Pot meals!

Delicious Instant Pot Breakfasts & Puddings

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (3)

Images courtesy of TCS IP Rice Pudding, EB Buckwheat Porridge, EB IP Cashew Yogurt, and TCS Raw Milk Yogurt.

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs — Here’s a fun, new way to boil your eggs!

Raw Milk Yogurt {Instant Pot} — The Instant Pot has changed my yogurt-making forever! Get thick raw milk yogurt with very little hands-on work! (I make this recipe every week!)

Apple-Delicata Squash Porridge — This AIP- and GAPS-compliant porridge can also be chilled and served as pudding! Perfect for breakfast, dessert, and packing in school lunches!

Instant Pot Buckwheat Porridge (Gluten-free) — Speaking of breakfast, this is one of our favorites each week! A gluten-free alternative to oatmeal for a nourishing hot breakfast, this version of buckwheat porridge soaks the buckwheat groats overnight (easy!) to reduce anti-nutrients. Also called kasha, buckwheat porridge is kid-approved!

Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS) — If you’re dairy-free, the world just got a whole lot creamier and more exciting! This probiotic-rich treat is easy to make and allergy-friendly.

Instant Pot Rice Pudding (Gluten-free) — So cozy, comforting, and frugal, rice pudding no longer requires standing over a stove — because now you have the Instant Pot!

Coconut Rice Pudding (Gluten-free) — Dress up rice pudding with orange zest and coconut milk!

(Gluten-free, THM:E) — Our beloved traditional foods, like sprouted brown rice, raw milk yogurt, and cultured cottage cheese, have found their way into this creamy, not-too-sweet, THM:E rice pudding. A spicy-sweet-tangy Probiotic Ginger Drizzle will have you going back for more!

Pressure Cooker Snacks

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (4)

Pressure Cooker Baked Apples (Gluten-free) — A deceptively easy recipe that’s easy and delicious.

Easy-To-Peel Chestnuts (Paleo)— Lovers of tradition still roast their chestnuts over an open fire… but if you want to start a Christmas tradition in your own home with chestnuts, try making them in the Instant Pot. It’s quicker and the peel snaps right off!

Pressure Cooker Paleo Banana Bread — What?! Now we’re baking in the Instant Pot? This has got to be too good to be true!

Instant Pot Lemon Pudding Cups (Paleo) — These Instant Pot lemon pudding cups cook right in their serving jars — no need to transfer or dirty more dishes. Once they’re set, simply put them into a lunchbox, pack them in a picnic basket, or toss one into your purse for a quick snack or dessert on the go!

Healthy Instant Pot Soup Recipes (Stews, Too!)

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (5)

Images courtesy of Eat Beautiful, TCS, All The Nourishing Things, and Serious Eats.

Classic Recipes à la Instant Pot

How To Make Bone Broth or Meat Stock in an Instant Pot — Learn how to avoid rancid fat when you make bone broth, plus how to make nourishing, delicious meat stock that cooks in only 30 minutes!

Homemade Vegetable Broth — How do you make a rich, flavorful broth from just vegetables (no bouillon cubes!)? Find out and get started!

Instant Pot Tomato Basil Soup (nourishing & THM-friendly) — With mineral-rich bone broth, healthy traditional fats, and the natural vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes, this soup is healthy, creamy, and nourishing.

Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Stew (Potato-free) — Full of nourishing broth, colorful cooked veggies, and pastured meat, this is one nutrient-dense, gentle stew! And perhaps best of all? Without potatoes, it’s much friendlier to your blood sugar than traditional beef stew.

White Bean & Chicken Chili — Reward yourself with a soup that tastes like it took hours to make, but actually took almost no work. This one’s prepared according to traditional techniques with soaked beans and a guide to soaking beans in general.

Quick Onion Soup (AIP) — Bone broth, onions, and herbs are the perfect marriage for a quick blended soup… or gravy!

Instant Pot Minestrone Soup — When you’re craving soup, this comforting minestrone comes together in a flash.

Creamy Dairy-Free Potato Soup With Kale (Vegetarian, Vegan) — Grab a spoon and dig into this creamy, veggie-filled soup!

Light & Hearty Vegetable & Barley Soup — A wholesome soup for any day of the week with nourishing and nutty barley.

Extra Special & Unique Instant Pot Soups & Stews

Creamy Fall Harvest Soup (THM:E, dairy-free) — Trim Healthy Mamas and pressure cooking lovers will enjoy this nourishing, dairy-free Fall Harvest Soup in the Instant Pot for THM:E (energizing) meals!

Low-Carb Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Soup — This creamy and spicy soup is Keto and primal — utterly delicious and practically effortless in your Instant Pot!

Pressure Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup — Homemade bone broth takes this Mexican-inspired soup from good to GREAT. And it’s so easy to throw everything in the pressure cooker and walk away! Come back to a grain-free, authentic tasting dinner.

Paleo Chicken & Smoked Sausage Gumbo — This is the PERFECT soup to throw in the pressure cooker to warm up a cold day!

Cream of Butternut Squash & Ginger Soup — Vegetarian and paleo sophistication just got really easy!

15-Minute New England Clam Chowder — Clam chowder in 15 minutes? Are you kidding me?! And so pretty.

Beef Bourguignon — Traditionally, beef bourguignon is a dish that was reserved for the most aspiring of chefs. But in a pressure cooker? Anyone can do it, including you!

Creamy Fennel and Cauliflower Soup (Paleo, Whole30, AIP, Vegan) — The creaminess in this soup comes from the cauliflower. If you’re a fennel fan, you’re going to love the flavors!

Instant Pot Mexican Beef Stew (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS) — In less than 40 minutes, you too can savor this smokey, slightly spicy Mexican-inspired stew — and be sure to go heavy on the toppings!

Easy Pressure Cooker Chili Chicken Verde (Gluten-free) — Tomatillos and fresh green peppers… onion and garlic… fresh cilantro…. mmm!

Creamy Cauliflower Soup Pressure Cooker Recipe — You’re going to wonder why you waited so long to try soup in a pressure cooker once you taste this soup recipe!

THM Blended Red Lentil Soup (Instant Pot, Crock Pot, Stove Top) — Even people who don’t like lentils will love this frugal and super easy blended red lentil soup!

Bean and Barley Soup (Instant Pot, Stove Top) — This bean and barley soup is filling, high in fiber, and low Vitamin A.

Healthy Instant Pot Meals (Main Dish & Dinner Recipes!)

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (6)

Images courtesy of Health Starts in the Kitchen, Bare Root Girl, MommyPotamus and Nom Nom Paleo.

Instant Pot Beef Recipes

Pressure Cooker Mexican Beef (Paleo ,Whole30, GAPS) — You’ll be thankful for leftovers after you try this Mexican Beef!

Delicious Crispy Beef Tongue (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS, AIP, Keto) — MOST people will love tongue. MOST people will only know what they’re eating if you tell them. So give this fun and nourishing Instant Pot recipe a try!

Pressure Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage (Paleo, Whole30) — If you don’t tell anyone that this old favorite took less than an hour, they’ll never know. 😉

Maple Smoked Brisket (Paleo) — “Pretty dang close to smoked with an outdoor smoker”…need I say more?

Instant Pot Pork Recipes

Pressure Cooked Bone-In Ham With Maple-Honey Glaze — If you’re still looking for inspiration for your next holiday dinner — you’ve found it!

Asian Fusion Instant Pot Short Ribs (Paleo, Keto) — Never fear unfamiliar cuts of meat again! These tangy short ribs are oh-so-tender and have an Asian twist!

Pressure Cooker Kahlua Pig (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS, AIP, Keto) — A traditional Kahlua pig takes 16 hours. In the Instant Pot? You’re just 90 minute away from juicy Hawaiian flavor.

Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Pork Roast With Mushroom Gravy (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS) — Tender and delicious, smothered in gravy — you can even start with a frozen roast!

“Carnitas Under Pressure” (Pressure Cooker Chicken Carnitas) (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS) — You’ll want to have this Instant Pot meal again and again because it’s easy and super tasty!

Pressure Cooker Sweet & Tangy Pulled Pork (Paleo, AIP) — Extra juicy and flavorful, this is sure to make it into your meal rotation.

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes (& Duck!)

How to Make Pulled Chicken (Gluten-free, Paleo, GAPS) — Use in a sandwich, toss in a salad, add to tacos, quesadillas or soups, mix with BBQ sauce and top with coleslaw!

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Whole Roast Chicken — Perfectly moist and juicy! Never fear dry chicken again!

Frozen Chicken Breasts In An Electric Pressure Cooker — Forget to thaw the chicken again? Use your pressure cooker to save the day!

Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala (Paleo, Whole30, THM:S) — Classic Indian comfort food is made simple in the pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Citrus Herb Basque Chicken (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS) — This recipe is full of bold flavors from spicy chorizo, fragrant thyme, sweet orange juice, briny olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Marsala — Make this for your next at-home date night!

Super Simple Salsa Verde Chicken (Paleo, Whole30) — A little spicy and a little smokey, this shredded chicken recipe is a fast and easy weeknight dinner with less than 5 minutes of prep!

One Pot Cranberry-Apple Chicken With Cabbage (Paleo, AIP) — Simple and full of flavor, this is a one-stop shop for easy dinner!

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken & Sweet Potatoes (Paleo) — You may not have extra hours in your day, so you can put a whole foods dinner + side dish on the table with this easy, spicy main dish!

Key Lime-Glazed Duck— This elegant yet healthy pressure cooker recipe will make your next dinner party fantastic!

Instant Pot Enchilada Casserole (or Crock Pot, Primal, Keto) — This meal is made directly in the Instant Pot for a nice big portion! Layer in the ingredients, walk away, and come back to a savory, cheesy feast!

One Pot Chicken, Black Beans & Rice Burrito Bowl (Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan) — Who doesn’t need a simple, frugal, quick meal like this?!

Instant Pot Lamb, Seafood, Meat-Free & More

(Paleo, Keto) — This Instant Pot meal cooks in minutes in your pressure cooker and is an easy weeknight meal that’s also fancy enough for guests! You’ll love this keto-friendly, grain-free, nourishing meal and side dish cooked in one pot!

Instant Pot Mediterranean Lamb Roast With Potatoes (Gluten-free, Paleo) — This Instant Pot lamb roast recipe is amazing because of the herbs and garlic rub — it fills up the house while it’s roasting and when you take your first bite… wow.

Instant Pot Jambalaya (Gluten-free, Dairy-free) — Jambalaya is comfort food, plain and simple. A batch of this is an easy meal and will give you leftovers for days!

Instant Pot Mediterranean Spinach-Feta Pie — For a nourishing breakfast, brunch, or dinner, this Instant Pot meal will remind you of spanakopita! It’s low-carb and grain-free. Instructions for other electric pressure cookers and stovetop pressure cookers are included!

Lentil Tacos in the Instant Pot (Vegetarian, Vegan) — This frugal dish will have everyone excited for Taco Night and no one missing the meat!

Shrimp Low Country Boil — A hands-off, family-size, Southern favorite!

Chola/Chana Masala (North Indian Spiced Chickpea Curry) (Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan) — This famous Indian dish comes together in a pinch, and a cucumber salad or sliced tomato make it a complete meal.

Easy Pressure Cooker Sides

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (7)

Images courtesy of Kalyn’s Kitchen, TCS Make-Ahead Gravy,TCS Perfect Soaked Rice, and ePressureCooker.

Instant Pot Veggie Sides

Pressure Cooker Mashed Acorn Squash (Gluten-free) — Soft, caramelized squash that scrapes right out of the skin!

(Paleo, Whole30)— Yum! Green beans are a side dish that never get old — and they get dressed up with bacon and mushrooms here!

Pressure Cooker Spaghetti Squash (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS, AIP, Keto) — Large spaghetti squashes take for.ev.er to bake in an oven, don’t they? Speed it up with your pressure cooker!

How To Cook Artichokes In A Pressure Cooker — Artichokes are no longer unapproachable when you have a pressure cooker on your side!

Pressure Cooker Corn On The Cob (Gluten-free) — Yes! You can cook corn on the cob in your pressure cooker!

Instant Pot Potato Sides

The Best Sweet Potato Casserole Ever {in the Instant Pot!} (Paleo) — An Instant Pot sweet potato casserole didn’t exist on the Internet before this one — and it’s so delicious, allergy-friendly, and has NO marshmallows!

Pressure Cooker French Fries (Paleo) — Say goodbye to soggy fries! Whoever knew crisp fries were this easy?

Instant Pot Cassava Fries (Paleo, Whole30, AIP) — If you’ve never had them, you’re in for a treat! Also called yucca or yuca fries, this Paleo staple is just as good as potato-based French fries — and possibly better!

Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin — “Thinly sliced potatoes surrounded with a rich, creamy, cheese sauce and crowned with a crispy panko topping. The perfect side dish for a holiday dinner, or to make any weeknight meal special.” We’re on board.

Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad (Gluten-free) — Summer’s not far off — and that means potato salad for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day cookouts!

Pressure Cooker Short Cut Baked Potato — Cut your potato-cooking time by half — and in the summer time, don’t heat up your house!

Instant Pot Grains, Beans & Everything Else!

10-Minute Make-Ahead Instant Pot Gravy (Paleo, Whole30, GAPS, AIP if pepper is omitted) — Never again will you have to wait until the last minute to scrape the pan and make gravy. Truly one of the best healthy pressure cooker recipes!

How To Cook Wild Rice In The Instant Pot (Gluten-free) — Enjoy wild rice in a creamy soup, pilaf, or by itself. It comes out perfectly tender in the Instant Pot!

Perfect Soaked Rice (Instant Pot or Any Pressure Cooker) — It may not be the sexiest thing you can make in your pressure cooker, but it’s a basic staple that you’ll be happy you know how to do!

Slow Cooker Refried Beans (Gluten-free) — Here’s an easy side dish you can make in advance and warm up throughout the week to go with your meals!

Fluffy Soaked Quinoa In The Instant Pot — Using your Instant Pot to cook perfectly fluffy quinoa in just 4 (yes, you read that right) minutes is truly a wonder! Give it a long soak first to reduce phytic acid and saponins for better digestion!

Amazing & Healthy Pressure Cooker Dessert Recipes

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (8)

Images courtesy of TCS Cheesecake, TCS Cranberry Sauce, All the Nourishing Things, and TCS Zucchini Cake.

Instant Pot Cakes, Pies & Crisps

(Gluten-free, Primal) — Chocolate + cheesecake + essential oils = love!

Borlotti Bean Brownie Cake! (Gluten-free) — Looks like cake, slices like cake, tastes like creamy fudge!

Allergy-Friendly Apple Cranberry Crisp (Paleo) — With all the flavors of mulled cider and cranberry twist, this allergy-friendly crisp is also free of gluten, grains, dairy, and eggs!

Instant Pot Pumpkin Pie with Maple Sugar Crust (Paleo, Dairy-free option) — Have you tried “baking” in your pressure cooker yet? This creamy-dreamy delicious recipe is sooo easy!

Pressure Cooked Upside-Down Apple and Ricotta Cake — Now you can make dessert in a flash out of almost any fruit that’s past its prime!

Pressure Cooker Vanilla Bean Cheesecake (Primal, Low Carb, Keto) — You will be shocked at how amazing cheesecake can be when it’s made in a pressure cooker! Tempting. 😉

Instant Pot Maple Flan (Gluten-free, Primal) — This dessert has the perfect creamy texture, and best of all, isn’t cloyingly sweet!

Easy Instant Pot Chocolate Sourdough Cake — The BEST chocolate cake ever… in the Instant Pot!

Instant Pot New York Cheesecake (Primal) — A rich and satisfying classic cheesecake is made simply and in just 25 minutes! When was the last time you had truly great cheesecake?

Instant Pot Chai Spiced Apple Cake (Paleo) — Bonus points if a crackling fire and a favorite book are included as you enjoy this lovely cake!! With nourishing ingredients, this grain-free, dairy-free dessert is also perfect for harvest parties and a healthy fall brunch!

Instant Pot Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake — This cake is wonderfully fresh, slightly tangy, and so lemon-y.

The Best, Healthiest, Easiest Instant Pot Zucchini Cake (Paleo, nut-free) — This healthy summer cake is grain-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free! Use up your summertime abundance of zucchini!

Instant Pot Puddings, Jams & Sauces

You’ll find a few rice pudding recipes in the Snacks and Breakfasts sections (above), as well!

Instant Pot Bread Pudding with Caramelized Pears (Paleo, Keto) — If bread pudding is calling to you, make it faster and easier in your pressure cooker! With raw milk and maple syrup drizzled on top, it’s a nourishing breakfast or dessert.

Cranberry Sauce In The Instant Pot (Paleo, GAPS, AIP) — Naturally sweetened homemade cranberry sauce… it’s soooooo much better than the canned stuff and easier than you ever imagined!

Instant Pot Applesauce (Paleo) — You’ll want to have this recipe in your back pocket when apple season rolls around!

Nourishing Christmas Pudding In The Instant Pot (Gluten-free) — Starring traditional Christmas flavors, this simple but nourishing Christmas pudding is also free of gluten and refined sugar. It even uses coconut oil instead of suet. And the best part? The Instant Pot makes this pudding so quick and easy!

Easy Instant Pot Blueberry Jam {just 2 ingredients!} (Paleo, GAPS, AIP) — Using just blueberries and raw honey, you can create a pressure cooker jam in minutes and with NO pectin! Substitute other berries, if you like!

Instant Pot Pumpkin Pudding (Paleo) — This recipe proves that special doesn’t have to be difficult. Just stir together all the ingredients, pour, cook, and chill — that’s really it!

Instant Pot Applesauce in 3 Minutes (Paleo, GAPS) — You’ll be blown away by how fast, easy, and delicious applesauce can be.

Nutritional Egg Custard — Breakfast or dessert, this silky custard can be either!

Miscellaneous Instant Pot Recipes

101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (9)

Images courtesy of Raia’s Recipes and TCS Dog Food.

Make Ricotta Cheese with the Instant Pot — This easy cheese for beginners can be made in the Instant Pot too!

Instant Pot Hot Cocoa for a Crowd (Paleo) — Homemade Hot Cocoa is (for me) one of life’s greatest pleasures. Get your daily chocolate with this easy, real food, hot beverage! True comfort “food”.

Homemade Dog Food In The Instant Pot — TCS writer Lindsey saw a radical change in her dogshealth when she switched to homemade dog food. Then she discovered how time-saving and easy it was to make it in her Instant Pot!

Will you try any of these healthy pressure cooker recipes? What are your favorite Instant Pot recipes?

Want more? Here’s Getting Started with Pressure Cooking, 8 Reasons to Love Pressure Cooking, our healthy pressure cooker recipe archives, and our Pressure Cooking eCourse (included with membership in Traditional Cooking School).

Main images courtesy of Eat Beautiful, TCS Green Beans, TCS IP Salmon and TCS IP Sourdough Chocolate Bundt Cake.

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101 Amazing, Easy, & Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes {Instant Pot, Too!} (2024)


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