12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (2024)

Consider, if you will, shirts.

How’d that go? The considering. Was it the best?

Let me guess. You thought about obscenely soft cashmere button-ups, breezy linen shirts with floral accents, and fall-friendly tops so cozy that “blanket” is in the name. If so, congratulations, you’re well on your way to discovering the best casual shirts for men that are at your disposal right this very moment.

As for the rest, I’ve ever so gingerly plopped them below for your perusal and consideration. While their materials and styles vary widely, there’s a throughline of general wearability and a universally agreeable aesthetic. Even my more niche picks don’t stray too far left of center—they’re just solid, handsome, versatile, and intentional everyday shirts.

Now, did I say “plopped” back there? Of course I did. It’s a fun, tragically underutilized word. Anyway, shirts…

Key Takeaways

Putting the best casual shirts for men in a one-size-fits-all bucket is a tricky proposition. But while the definition of casual is highly subjective, those of comfort and versatility aren’t. Comfort and versatility barely scratch the surface when it comes to the outstanding features of my top pick, Relwen’s Loopback Longsleeve Polo. Meanwhile, Uniqlo’s Premium Linen Shirt is the one to beat in the budget category.

Our Top Picks

Best Luxury Casual Shirt:
Cashmere-Cotton Shirt at Luca Faloni

Best Up-And-Coming Casual Shirt:
Port Tencel Ripstop Shirt at Forét

Best Staple Casual Shirt:
Oxford Shirt at Asket

Best Banded Collar Casual Shirt:
All-Day Collarless Linen Shirt at L'Estrange

Best Budget Casual Shirt For Men:
Premium Linen Shirt at Uniqlo

Best Fall And Winter Casual Shirt For Men:
Chroma Blanket Shirt at Outerknown

Best Patterned Casual Shirt For Men:
Doug Good Feather Canyon Overshirt at Faherty

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12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (1)

Best Overall Casual Shirt For Men: Relwen Loopback Longsleeve Polo

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (2)

One man’s casual shirt is another man’s dress shirt. One man’s dress shirt is another man’s garage rag. Point is, proclaiming the best casual shirts for men is anything but a one-size-fits-all proposition. But if there’s one thing I hope we can all agree on, it’s that this cloud-soft French terry take on a polo by Relwen is reaching for perfection.

The Ohio-based brand has been elevating workwear since 2007, and its Loopback Longsleeve Polo is as fine an example of its quality as any. The four-button placket is just deep and wide enough to give the traditional polo an update, and its solid construction means this shirt was designed to take a beating. Pair it up with some pants, jeans, or joggers and you’re good to go.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 4 | Sizes: S-XXL

Best Luxury Casual Shirt For Men: Luca Faloni Cashmere-Cotton Shirt

View It On Luca Faloni

Plenty of luxury casual shirts for men have hefty price tags. But does that really make them luxurious? To me, luxury is how something makes you feel. And last time I checked, cashmere felt pretty damn good.

And with that, this clean, crisp, cashmere-cotton shirt from Luca Faloni would like to make your torso’s acquaintance. Stitched together in Northern Italy, the shirt’s deftly blended fabric is ideal for year-round use. The extra-long cotton is breathable and sturdy, while the cashmere does its super-soft cashmere thing. Yes, this is a casual shirt. But not too casual. More like business casual, happy-hour casual, and cruising-the-waters-of-Lake-Como-in-a-Riva-boat casual. One of those may or may not be a bit more aspirational than the rest.

Material: 85% Cotton, 15% Cashmere | Colors: 3 | Sizes: XS-XXXXL

Best Up-And-Coming Casual Shirt For Men: Forét Port Tencel Ripstop Shirt

View It On Forét

A relative newcomer to the menswear world, Forét has been quietly making some of the best casual shirts for men since 2014. The patterns are colorful and uniquely artistic, but in a way that reads inclusive. In other words, you don’t need to have a closet full of high-fashion streetwear or a wall of skate decks as your Zoom backdrop to feel like you can pull their styles off.

Exhibit A: the Port Tencel Ripstop Shirt. This is the type of shirt that’s almost guaranteed to net you compliments. The bold brick pattern catches the eye in all the right ways, and the pillowy softness of its 100% Tencel construction will keep you comfortable all day. Overall, this one strikes a nice balance between effortless cool and intentional style.

Material: 100% Tencel | Colors: 1 | Sizes: XS-XXL

Best Staple Casual Shirt For Men: Asket Oxford Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (5)

High among the prerequisites of a staple shirt should be durability. Presumably, it’s a garment you’ll be wearing often, and for varied occasions. You need it to look good, you need it to be comfortable, and you need it to be immortal.

Here with the assist is Asket’s Oxford Shirt. The Swedish brand is all about creating classic pieces that are made to stand the test of time. With its mother of pearl buttons, soft organic cotton, and respectable range of colors and patterns to choose from, their Oxford is exactly that.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 7 | Sizes: XS-XXL

Best Summer Casual Shirt For Men: Corridor Hamsa Floral Linen Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (6)

Summer is a time to unwind. A time to lay back in the sand with a mojito in one hand and a book in the other. Or like a kite or something. Point is, it’s a playful, casual time that calls for a playful, casual shirt.

Weird. Here comes one now. Corridor’s Hamsa Floral Linen Shirt is dripping with warm-weather vibes and a subtle edginess that’s difficult to categorize. The linen-cotton blend will help keep things nice and cool when you’re doing your summer thing, and the floral embroidery on the sleeves and collar adds the perfect kiss of personality.

Material: 55% Linen, 55% Cotton | Colors: 1 | Sizes: XS-XXL

Best Banded Collar Casual Shirt For Men: L’Estrange All-Day Collarless Linen Shirt

View It On L'Estrange London

Even though plenty of effort goes into successfully pulling it off, there’s an undeniable effortlessness to the look of a banded collar shirt. Above a flowing pair of linen pants by day or under a blazer at night, there’s just nothing quite like it.

L’Estrange’s All-Day Collarless Linen Shirt is a fine example of how clean lines and elegant construction make all the difference when it comes to the best casual shirts for men. The linen-cotton blend has just enough stretch to give you a comfortable range of motion, and it’s this blend that also makes the All-Day breathable and soft.

Material: 55% Linen, 43% Cotton, 2% Elastane | Colors: 5 | Sizes: XS-XXL

Best Casual Shirt For Men On Amazon: Levi’s Classic Western Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (8)

The classics are classics for a reason, and the Classic Western Shirt from Levi’s is certainly no exception. Another tough-as-nails button-up to add to your collection, this one uses a cotton-polyester blend and is available in over a dozen colors and patterns.

And don’t let the name take you off the scent of where this shirt can take you. The “Western” aesthetic is mostly limited to the double chest pockets and stitching detail on the back of the shirts. Otherwise, you’re working with a versatile, durable wardrobe staple from a heritage brand that probably already occupies a sizable chunk of real estate in your closet.

Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester | Colors: 13 | Sizes: S-XXXL

Best Budget Casual Shirt For Men: Uniqlo Premium Linen Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (9)

If you’re looking for an affordable, fast-fashion shirt that you can stock up on in a dozen different colors, Uniqlo’s Premium Linen Shirt is going to be tough to beat. The 100% linen construction makes it ideal for leisurely fair-weather pursuits, and it’s priced right for a shirt that’s likely not going to last through your endless summer.

This is the shirt you buy four of and keep them in the rotation depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Olive with shorts for a beachside coffee date. Black with some nice selvedge denim for co*cktails. You’re not going to win any awards in the edgy category, but this shirt knows who it is and will be waiting patiently in its lane when you’re ready for it.

Material: 100% Linen | Colors: 12 | Sizes: XS-XXXL

Best Fall And Winter Casual Shirt For Men: Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (10)

There’s nothing quite like starting a fire on a crisp fall evening, pouring yourself a finger of bourbon, and getting cozy under a nice warm blanket shirt. Or an actual blanket if you’re in a pinch, but the former is a much stronger move.

Founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater in 2014, Outerknown creates sturdy, handsome garments using sustainable fabrics and practices. One of the brand’s best sellers is its Chroma Blanket Shirt—a soft, weighty shirt with double chest pockets, 11 colorways, and buttons made from nuts. It looks great and it’s easily one of the most comfortable ways to layer during the fall and winter.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 11 | Sizes: S-XXL

Best Patterned Casual Shirt For Men: Faherty Doug Good Feather Canyon Overshirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (11)

The stunning Nescove pattern on this organic cotton button-up from Faherty was developed by Native artist Doug Good Feather. His beautiful motif is the perfect complement to Faherty’s rugged construction, horn buttons, double pockets, and casual spread collar.

Layer it up with a warm henley, jeans, and a smart pair of leather boots. Or lounge around the fire pit at dusk and just sort of sit there looking dapper. Regardless of where or when you pop this guy on, it’s going to make itself right at home and make a statement while doing so.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 2 | Sizes: XS-XXL

Best Streetwear Casual Shirt For Men: Axel Arigato Miles Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (12)

Like the subjectiveness around what the word casual means, the definition of streetwear also lacks clarity. For the sake of argument, let’s just say that streetwear is whatever the hell you make of it. Trying too hard to define it risks defeating the purpose.

So in that spirit, take a look at Axel Arigato’s Miles Shirt. Nice, right? Check out that mixed print of contrasting A signature. It’s organized chaos that’s as charming as it is intriguing. Under the hood, you’ve got high quality cotton and a regular fit that only adds to its versatility.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 1 | Sizes: XS-XL

Best Oversized Casual Shirt For Men: Represent All Over Initial Shirt

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (13)

Speaking of collars, here comes another one—this time super-sized. Represent’s oversized ‘All Over Initial’ shirt features Cobrax Popper fastenings, drop shoulders, and distressed initial logos. It’s an oversized shirt that doesn’t require an expert-level understanding of street fashion to pull off. Or any level, really.

Just make sure you take a considered approach to what you’re pairing it with. As long as you keep the pants baggy, the shoes clean, and the accessories on point, you and this shirt should get along just fine.

Material: 94% Cotton, 6% Polyester | Colors: 2| Sizes:XS- XXL

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (14)

What To Look For In The Best Casual Shirts For Men

Style & Color

Casual shirts come in endless styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. And at the risk of beating a dead horse, “casual” is a highly subjective word. Always choose the style you’re going to be most comfortable in, and pick a color or colors that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Material Composition

Summer casual and winter casual could not be further apart, both in terms of style and the materials you should be looking for. Opt for wool, cashmere, fleece, or heavier cotton blends during colder months. And when the temps start to rise, seek out materials like linen, seersucker, and silk blends.

Size & Fit

The best casual shirts for men are the ones that you feel good in. If that means the casual half of your closet is full of oversized T-shirts, do your thing. If your life requires frequent client meetings, work-related golf outings, or happy hours at scene-y bars, you’re typically going to want a more traditional, conservative fit. As with several other considerations, let your lifestyle guide your purchasing decisions.

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (15)

Final Verdict

Comfort and versatility should be two of the top considerations when you’re shopping around for casual shirts. If you’re looking for those in spades plus plenty of other bells and whistles, see to it that Relwen’s Loopback Longsleeve Polo makes it onto your shortlist.


    • What is casual vs classic shirt?

      To say nothing of the endless patterns and colors that casual shirts allow for, what also sets them apart from classic shirts is their cut and length. Casual shirts are typically shorter, which allows them to be worn untucked without looking slouchy.

      • What kind of shirts should a man wear?

        Before adding niche garments to your collection (and by all means, you should at some point), make sure you stock up on the essential types of shirts. The staples like short-sleeve polos, button-downs, button-ups, plain T-shirts, a henley here and an oxford there. You get it.

        • How can a man’s shirt look classy and casual?

          Even something as classy and conservative as a pressed button-down can still be considered a casual shirt. It’s about the presentation of the shirt itself, but also the other clothes and accessories you’re pairing it up with. Even a plain black T-shirt can be dressed up with a little bit of confidence and a deft sartorial touch.

12 Best Casual Shirts For Men – Every Style You Need in 2024 | FashionBeans (2024)


What men's T shirts are in fashion? ›

What are the best kinds of T-shirts to buy in 2024?
  • White T-shirts: The ultimate must-have basic.
  • Black T-shirts: Simple but mysterious, an everyday basic but a little different.
  • Colourful T-shirts: Perfect for adding a pop of colour for spring/summer.
  • Graphic-print T-shirts: A pop of personality in your everyday 'fits.

What men's shirts are in fashion now? ›

Here are some of the popular trends:
  • Oversized fits: Oversized button-down shirts are trending, with looser fits and longer hemlines that create a relaxed and casual look.
  • Bold prints: Bold and eye-catching prints are popular for men's button-down shirts, including floral, abstract, and graphic prints.
Jul 22, 2023

Which shirt brand is the best quality? ›

List of Top Most Best Shirt Brands In India in 2024
  • Peter England.
  • Levi's.
  • Arrow.
  • Raymond.
  • Jack & Jones.
  • Allen Solly.
  • Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Redtape.
Jan 10, 2024

What is the most versatile shirt for men? ›

10 Shirt Styles to Have in Your Wardrobe
  • Oxford Shirts. The Oxford Shirt pairs brilliantly with a suit, but they're also highly versatile and can fit in with casual wear, daily office wear, and even weddings if you're careful with your selection. ...
  • Short-Sleeve Shirt. ...
  • Cuban Collar Shirt. ...
  • T-shirt. ...
  • Polo Shirt. ...
  • Fabric Shirt.

What 40 year old man should wear? ›

Your Style Foundation

These pieces should be classic yet versatile: think light and patterned dress shirts, chinos and trousers, and of course, well-tailored suits and ties. For a more refined look, you want to keep it simple and pared back.

What kind of shirt is not preferred for men? ›

Polka dots shirts or shirts with sequins are a strict no-no in organizations. Avoid wearing short sleeves to work. Full sleeves shirts look professional. Make sure your sleeves touch the base of your hand.

Which Colour T-shirt looks good on men? ›

Go for Plain and Simple

Choose a loose-fitting, solid-colored shirt in a neutral hue like white, black, grey, or earthy tones. The simplicity of this look makes it nice since it makes the big tee the center of attention in your ensemble.

What is the most versatile shirt? ›

Solid shirts are the most versatile shirts you can own. In the realm of classic menswear, where you want to be able to go with or without tie, there are only two colors: white and blue. White is more formal, blue less so.

How many shirts should a man own? ›

As a shirt-maker, my answer would be as many as possible!. However, realistically I recommend nine shirts for your wardrobe. This will cover shirts to wear at all occasions and events. The nine shirts combine key styles, fabrics, and colour options that will enable you to create several stylish outfits to wear.

Which brand shirt is best in USA? ›

The most popular shirt brands include classics like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and high-end brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, and Prada. However, some less well-known shirt brands make quality garments worth considering, like Luca Faloni, Percival, Neem London, and CDLP.

What is premium quality shirt? ›

A premium t-shirt is made with high-quality materials, often using better fabrics such as combed and ringspun cotton, organic cotton, or jersey knits, which are softer and have a better drape than regular cotton. Premium t-shirts also have a higher thread count, meaning they are softer and smoother to the touch.

How many pairs of shirts should a man own? ›

About 10 dress shirts will be enough to give you the look you want in just about any situation, and you won't have to rummage through your laundry hamper before going out on a big date. Now that you have decided how many dress shirts you need, it is time to pick some clothes.

What is average amount of shirts a man owns? ›

It is difficult to give an exact figure of how many dress shirts the average guy has in his wardrobe. Typically, if we exclude all other types of shirts and only focus on proper dress shirts, then the number of dress shirts the average man owns is probably around 10 shirts, give or take.

How many shirts does a man really need? ›

Depending on your situation, you might only need five to ten shirts, a few pairs of pants, and a couple of different jackets. Alternatively, you might need fifteen to twenty different t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and button-up shirts for a variety of different looks.


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