35 Easy to Make Poke Bowl Recipes Worth Trying (2024)

Native to Hawaii, poke bowls are a colourful, flavourful dish that’s both healthy and delicious. While there are now thousands of restaurants around the world that specialize in poke bowls, Hawaiians have been enjoying them since the 1800s. Influenced by the Japanese donburi due to the arrival of Japanese workers to Hawaii in the late 1800s, traditional poke bowls are made with raw fish, jasmine rice and minimal toppings to let the flavour of the fish shine through. Modern poke bowls in other parts of the world are loaded with customizable toppings so you can really make the bowl your own. From mango to avocado, edamame and seaweed, whatever your favourite toppings are, you can add them to your poke bowls. And of course, you can make your own poke bowls at home. Check out 35 poke bowl recipes you need to try!

What Is A Poke Bowl?

Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is diced raw fish and is one of the most popular dishes in Hawaiian cuisine. A poke bowl consists of chunks of raw, marinated fish, typically Ahi or Yellowtail tuna, which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. Traditionally jasmine rice is used, but you can use your choice of rice, or try veggie alternatives such as zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice. It’s a customizable dish that has plenty of health benefits due to the vegetable and fish content. Fish can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, is high in protein, and is a great source of vitamin B12, A and magnesium.

How To Make The Perfect Poke Bowl

Poke bowls start with a layer of rice. The quality of rice is important, and short grain Japanese sushi rice is ideal. Jasmine white rice is likely the most popular option, but you can also use brown rice. Alternatives like bamboo rice, cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles and kelp salad are used in modern variations. The rice in your bowl should be warm to hot, as it’s a great juxtaposition against the super cold fish.

Since you’re using raw fish in your poke bowl recipes, it’s important that you use the freshest fish possible. Ask for sashimi or sushi-grade cuts. Although tuna is the most common fish used in poke bowls, salmon, trout and snapper are also popular options. Don’t use fish that’s farm-raised or frozen, you want the colour, smell and texture to be of top quality.

Cut the fish into cubes and season with scallions, sesame seeds and pink sea salt to enhance the flavour. Mix with your desired marinade, letting it sit in the fridge for at least 15 minutes, but many recipes call for up to two hours. The longer it sits, the more flavour it will have.

Traditional poke marinade consists of a mixture of shoyu soy sauce, sesame oil, yellow onion, some type of spice such as red pepper flakes or Korean chilli pepper, seaweed and ginger. While the fish marinates, start chopping your veggies and steaming your rice.

Fruits and Veggies
Fruit and vegetable toppings are added over the fish to give even more texture, flavour and freshness to the bowl. Avocado is one of the most popular poke bowl toppings, and crispy onion adds a flavour and crunch that many people can’t get enough of. Other popular toppings are fresh mango, edamame, macadamia nuts, seaweed, carrots and cucumber. Pickled veggies like onions and ginger and freshly chopped herbs are also used.

You can also top your poke bowl with sauces, depending on your personal taste preferences. Mayo-based sauces are a go-to for many poke bowl aficionados since they add creaminess to the dish. Hot sauces, such as sriracha, Japanese red chilli and wasabi are also fan favourites.

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If you’re a fan of poke bowls, try making them yourself at home with these amazing recipes. Fresh, colourful and flavourful, poke bowls are a healthy dish you’ll want to make all the time!

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35 Easy to Make Poke Bowl Recipes Worth Trying (2024)


What should I put in my poke bowl? ›

Standard poke bowl recipes have a few key components: A base (usually sushi rice), protein (traditionally Ahi tuna, salmon, chicken, or tofu), a sauce (used to flavor the protein), and a garnish (often pickled ginger, wasabi, and sliced green onions).

What is the crunchy stuff in a poke bowl? ›

Adding crunchy bits to your poke bowl makes it even more delicious. Common choices are crispy onions, garlic chips, and sesame seeds. Shredded nori (a type of seaweed) adds a seafood-like flavor, while sweet furikake, a Japanese seasoning, is another popular pick.

What were the original ingredients in poke bowls? ›

Origin of Poke Bowls

In Hawaiian, the word “poke” (pronounced (poh-keh), means “to slice or cut crosswise into pieces.” Fishermen in ancient Hawaii would take reef fish (i.e near-shore fish) and massage them with simple ingredients from the sea such as sea salt, seaweed or limu, which is a type of algae.

What to use instead of rice in a poke bowl? ›

You can substitute rice for other whole grains if you're making your bowl, such as quinoa.

Do you mix everything in a poke bowl? ›

Unlike traditional mixing, poke bowls are meant to be enjoyed by combining different elements as you go. Chopsticks are a popular choice for enjoying poke bowls as they allow you to create unique flavor combinations in each bite.

Should poke bowls be hot or cold rice? ›

Poké protocol:

Only the freshest fish will do, but you can veer away from seafood using anything from tofu to chicken. Temperature is important – rice should be warm and fish cold. Use a rice cooker. Wet or starchy rice ruins a good poké bowl.

What is a dragon poke bowl? ›

DRAGON BOWL 🐉 Giving us the perfect combination of ingredients, this. delicious bowl is made with eel, shrimp, edamame, cucumber, pineapple, green onion, sesame yuzu, crab. salad, avocado, furikake, eel sauce, garlic crisps, onion.

What is the green slimy stuff in the poke bowl? ›

Seaweeds. Limu means “seaweed” in Hawaiian and could refer to any number of different types. Often, the “limu” in your bowl will be ogo (see below). Ogo is the seaweed most likely to show up in your poke.

What is the green thing in poke? ›

Pronounced 'poh-KEH', poke is a traditional Hawaiian delicacy made by dressing fresh, raw fish in a soy sauce/sesame oil based dressing, and serving over rice. This poke also includes a homemade nori seaweed furikake, which adds extra bursts of umami and spice.

What sauces are good in poke bowls? ›

Sauces. Common dressings you'll see on menus are: sweet shoyu (soy-based, light), ponzu (soy-based, more citrusy; also “chili ponzu”), and aioli (garlic, wasabi, sriracha).

Is poke bowl really healthy? ›

Did we mention Poké bowls are good for you? They're packed with nutrients from ingredients like avocado, mushrooms, and carrots. By mixing it all together, you get a powerhouse meal. Poké bowls have become a go-to for quick, healthy eating thanks to their nutritional value.

What is the best sauce combo for poke bowl? ›

Sriracha Aioli + Citrus Ponzu 🔥

Poke house's #1 recommended sauce combination! Creamy and citrusy with a mild kick!

What is the healthiest sauce for poke bowls? ›

One of the healthiest you can go for is miso, which is an often overlooked source of probiotics. It's a healthier choice than creamy aioli, which is high in calories and Sriracha, which could be high in sugar, too.

What protein can I put in a poke bowl? ›

Protein is the next, and arguably the most important, step in the bowl building process. We have several protein choices to choose from including: salmon, shrimp, chicken, spicy tuna, octopus, ahi tuna, marinated tuna, and spicy salmon.

Is poke bowl Hawaiian or Japanese? ›

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish and sushi originates in Japan. Hawaiian food takes a lot of influence from Japanese food, but poke is Hawaiian. Traditionally, poke is made from ahi tuna or octopus (tako) that has been roughly cut into bite sized pieces and marinated with whatever was on hand.

How do you set up a poke bowl? ›

Just mix the mayo, wasabi, lemon juice, sesame oil and sugar in a bowl until you've got a uniform sauce. To assemble, divide the rice between 4 bowls, top with poke, cucumber salad and any of the desired toppings. Drizzle the bowls with the wasabi citrus sauce.

What is the best protein for poke bowls? ›

Salmon comes out on top when it comes to protein, omega-3s, and vitamin B-12, but tuna has more magnesium, iron, and calcium. Your best bet: Switch up your protein sources across all three offerings to get everything you need.


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