Beverage Cart Attendant Guide (is this Job for Me?) (2024)

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  • What is a Beverage Cart Attendant?
  • What Do Beverage Cart Attendants Do?
  • What Skills Do Beverage Cart Attendants Need?
  • How Much Do Golf Cart Attendants Get Paid?
  • How Much Does a Cart Attendant Make in Tips?
  • What Do Beverage Cart Attendants Wear?
  • Bev Cart Girl vs Golf Attendant – Any Difference?
  • How Do You Describe a Beverage Cart Attendant on A Resume? (tips)
  • Conclusion

There are lots of different jobs available at golf courses across the country. From greenskeepers to bar staff, there are lots of opportunities to pick up work at your local course.

And one role that has received a lot of attention recently is that of a beverage cart attendant. But what exactly does this role consist of? Is it well paid? And what skills do you need to excel in the role?

Below we explain everything you need to know about working as a golf cart attendant, so you can look for jobs in your local area and be confident that you’re the right person to land an interview.

What is a Beverage Cart Attendant?

A beverage cart attendant is someone who is employed at a golf course to serve drinks to players during their rounds. Instead of working in the club shop or restaurant, beverage cart attendants work on the golf course and take drinks directly to players.

The job requires someone who is responsible and organized, as cart attendants conduct their business outside on the golf course. Not every golf course has a beverage cart attendant, but the role is particularly popular at private members’ clubs and various prestigious venues.

Most beverage cart attendants serve a variety of drinks, including soft drinks, energy drinks, and even cold beers.

Few things are as refreshing as sinking a cold one out on the course when the sun’s beating down on you, particularly when you don’t have to make your way to the clubhouse to serve yourself!

What Do Beverage Cart Attendants Do?

The main job of beverage cart attendants is to serve drinks and food to golfers while they’re enjoying a round on the course. In most instances, a cart attendant will stock their own cart with hot and cold beverages, as well as snacks.

Cart attendants are also required to run food out from the kitchen and perform other duties that are required by customers while they’re playing golf. Cart attendants need to make sure that they deliver high-quality and personable service that is in keeping with the standards set within the clubhouse.

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Check out the video from Sophia Sassine as she explains “a day in the life” of a beverage golf cart girl:

As well as serving customers, beverage cart attendants are responsible for maintaining an inventory of stock, handling cash, and reporting to the food and beverage manager wherever necessary.

The role may also involve delivering other items and performing other golf-related duties out on the course, but it really depends on what is required and how many other staff are working during each shift.

What Skills Do Beverage Cart Attendants Need?

First and foremost, beverage cart attendants need to be organized and hardworking, as is the case with all jobs. Having the right attitude is also important, as working with the general public can be challenging at times.

Beverage cart attendants also need to be patient and willing to provide members and visitors with the best positive care and attention at all times, no matter the request. If you take on the role, you also need to make sure that you fulfill your requirements in a timely and friendly manner throughout the course of the day.

Additionally, beverage cart attendants need to have strong organizational skills and be able to handle money. It’s also important to be computer literate and able to input and manage data, as you need to update the stock inventory at the end of the working day.

What’s more, being a team player and having respect for all clients and colleagues is exceptionally important. After all, you will be required to interact with so many different people on a daily basis, so communication and respect are key.

How Much Do Golf Cart Attendants Get Paid?

Beverage cart attendants get paid by the hour, and according to, the average wage for attendants is around $11. And while it’s not the most lucrative job in the world, most attendants are able to top up their salaries with tips which can add significantly to the hourly pay.

Another thing to note is that most beverage cart attendants have access to a range of golf benefits, be it reduced green fees or perhaps even free golf at the course in question. As is the case when you’re applying for any other job, be sure to also check the employee benefits package that is offered by the golf course.

You might also find that the salary offered to beverage cart attendants varies from location to location, so bear that in mind when you’re considering which courses to apply to.

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In some locations, the role of a beverage cart attendant is part-time or seasonal, making it ideal for students and people looking for a side hustle. Ultimately, every golf course is different, so you will need to do your own research before settling on a job that works for you.

How Much Does a Cart Attendant Make in Tips?

Given that a beverage cart attendant doesn’t offer a huge amount of money, there’s a chance to earn a fair amount of tips. As you’ll be aware, your ability to earn tips depends on how good you are!

If you’re friendly, efficient, and well organized, it’s likely that you can supplement your salary with a fair amount of tips each and every day that you work.

It’s not uncommon for beverage cart attendants to make in excess of $50 or $100 a day in tips, particularly at affluent golf courses that are busy.

But as is the case no matter the industry that you work in, you can’t base your expected earnings on tips alone. Some days you will go home with a considerable amount of tips in your pockets, while other days, things will be pretty slow.

Just make sure that you do everything you can to serve your customers with distinction, as you will give yourself the best possible chance of receiving tips if they’re happy with your level of service.

What Do Beverage Cart Attendants Wear?

While some golf courses provide all of their staff with uniforms, others require that their staff wear suitable golf attire. This means smart casual gear for both men and women, be it branded or unbranded golf wear.

Every golf course has different requirements for members and staff, but you will be made aware of what’s expected of you before your first day as a beverage cart attendant.

Some golf courses will provide you with a stipend to cover the costs of your uniform, while others will expect you to fund your attire yourself.

If you play golf already, you probably won’t need to purchase any new clothes for your job. But again, it’s important to check the dress code stipulated in the job description before starting your new job.

Bev Cart Girl vs Golf Attendant – Any Difference?

A bev cart girl is the same role as a golf attendant. Bev cart girls are responsible for serving food and drinks to golfers out on the course, just like cart attendants. Some courses advertise the role of bev cart girls, while others are looking for golf attendants.

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The key thing to remember is that the roles are essentially the same, but you will need to read the job requirements and specifications to make sure you fully understand what you’re applying for.

Intriguingly, an expose piece found that bev cart girls can make as much as $500 a day in tips, depending on how busy they are. This is in stark contrast to the mere $5 per hour that they’re paid in salary, so it’s clear that they rely almost exclusively on tips.

Whether this is the exception or the rule for bev cart girls remains to be seen, but the fact is you can make really good money from your time out on the course.

How Do You Describe a Beverage Cart Attendant on A Resume? (tips)

Before applying for the role of a beverage cart attendant, you need to tailor your resume to ensure you meet the job specifications. As every golf course is looking for something slightly different, you will need to read the job description carefully before updating your resume.

You will need to show your prospective employer that you are good with money and that you can make sales. It’s also crucial that you outline any relevant work experience that will showcase your ability to do the job efficiently.

Having a knowledge of and interest in golf is also something that many golf course managers look for, so if you’re able to demonstrate that you know a thing or two about golf, you’re more likely to get offered the job.

And as is the case with all resumes, make sure you have written everything clearly and without mistakes and check everything before sending off your resume. The last thing you want is to rule yourself out of a job before even getting an interview.


A beverage cart attendant can be a lucrative job. Although the salary is typically low, you have an excellent chance to rake in a significant amount of money in tips, particularly when the course is busy at weekends.

It’s also an enjoyable job as you get to spend your time in the great outdoors instead of cooped up inside an office. So, if you’re a fan of golf and are looking for a job at your local course, the role of a beverage cart attendant is well worth applying for.

Beverage Cart Attendant Guide (is this Job for Me?) (2024)


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