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Dominate Google Rankings with a Skilled Medical SEO Agency

Conquer the competition, rule Google search results, and attract more relevant organic traffic to your website.

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SEO Services

Conquer the competition, rule Google search results, and attract more relevant organic traffic to your website with advanced search engine optimization (SEO) services designed especially for healthcare.

Our client work reflects more than 20 years of healthcare experience partnering with healthcare organizations across virtually every healthcare specialty.

The first five organic results on Google get nearly 68% of all clicks.
If your website isn’t one of them, you’re losing business.

With over a decade of specialized healthcare SEO experience, our digital team offers highly sophisticated search engine optimization services for enterprise-level medical and healthcare organizations. Our skilled medical SEO agency is equipped to help your business achieve the highest possible organic rankings, whether you need to optimize a large website with complicated architecture, migrate multiple location-specific websites, or outrank SEO-savvy competitors.

Outrank your competitors with specialized SEO for medical practices

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Combine Expert SEO Analysis With Integrated Marketing Strategies

Today, more and more healthcare professionals are shifting their focus from single- to multi-channel (integrated) marketing strategies, making professional medical SEO services even more crucial for success.

Digital marketing strategiesare constantly evolving. If your hospital, multilocation practice or other healthcare organization isn’t changing along with them, you’re losing business. Our seasoned team of healthcare SEO analysts, SEO copywriters, and SEO-savvy developers have the experience you need to stay on top of current trends, engage high-intent audiences, outrank competitors, and increase revenue.

Healthcare Success has a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, the customer journey, organic SEO, and creating compelling user experiences that generate ROI. We’ll work in lockstep with your in-house team to audit, analyze, optimize, track, and continually improve your website based on Google’s algorithm changes and updates.

A comprehensive audit is the crucial first step. This audit allows us to analyze your current SEO efforts, make immediate high-impact changes, and create a thorough project plan to quickly boost page rank and visibility.

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Our Four-Step Process for Healthcare SEO

Rank higher and attract more relevant healthcare consumers to your business with our research-based approach to SEO for doctors.

This process ensures best practices always stay top-of-mind while laying the groundwork for optimal search visibility.


Optimize your site so
it’s easy for search engines to understand.


Keep search engines crawling back for
more with fresh, relevant, and optimized content.


Enhance your local visibility and
credibility and deliver local, more engaged audiences.


Help search engines understand what
other people and businesses think about your business.

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Technical SEO

SEO requires constant management to meet the ever-changing requirements of search engine algorithms, so it’s essential to have an expert SEO architect passionate about and dedicated to improving your site’s visibility. Our technical healthcare SEO services include:

  • Site architecture
  • Site navigation
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking
  • Site speed optimization
  • Core SEO HTML tags
  • Mobile performance
  • Mobile usability (for SEO)
  • Semantic markup (schema)
  • Site security (HSTS)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Content optimization
  • Content gap analysis

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Content Marketing

Our medical SEO agency will boost organic visibility and improve conversion rates with fresh, relevant content optimized with keywords that matter to your business. Together with our senior SEO specialists and director of content, our team of healthcare SEO copywriters will conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis, gap analysis, and site content audit. to quickly identify, analyze, and prioritize the keywords, queries, and topics your audience is searching for. We’ll also conduct keyword, query, and topic research to capitalize on the most critical opportunities – without compromising the quality or intent satisfaction of your content (we write for users first, with consideration of search engine understanding.)

An SEO competitive analysis includes identifying competitor weaknesses and taking specific actions to surpass their SEO strategies and outrank their website on SERPs.

  • Fresh, relevant content that’s optimized for user intents that matter to your business means:
    • A better understanding of your content by search engines (like Google!)
    • Higher organic ranking or queries that align with your treatments & services
    • Improved conversion rates and onsite engagement
    • More frequent indexing allows new content to show up sooner in search results
    • Increased authority in your industry with relevant thought-leadership content

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Local SEO

We understand how important consistent, accurate information is to boost visibility, enhance credibility, and build trust with your local audience. Our healthcare SEO analysts are skilled at improvinglocal SEO for doctorsand medical practices—no matter how many locations you have. We will audit, align, scale, and optimize your business information across relevant directories and patient review sites.

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Off-Page SEO

At Healthcare Success, we understand that off-page SEO isn’t about getting a link to your site from just anyone; it’s about getting trusted websites to link to your high-quality content. We prepare and optimize your website with SEO content and provide intelligent strategies to earn quality, relevant backlinks and citations. We’ll also automate content sharing (e.g., blogs, ebooks, case studies, etc.) via email and social channels to improve your site’s visibility across different platforms.

What Our Healthcare Clients Say

  • The Healthcare Success team has proven extremely effective in increasing our patient volume. Their expertise in search engine optimization, social media, and online advertising generates a high volume of new patient referrals to our centers. I highly recommend them.

    Michael S. Buckley

    Director of Business Development & Physician Relations, Pomona Valley Health Centers

Our Medical
SEO Agency

Partnering with a specialized medical SEO agency that’s passionate about and dedicated to improving your site’s SEO is essential for competing in your market.

We’ve built the Healthcare Success website on a solid foundation of technical SEO tactics and content marketing strategies. Our technical SEO and high-quality content marketing efforts have significantly contributed to higher organic rankings throughout our agency’s history.

In fact, our agency website has dominated Google SERPs for almost every keyword we’ve targeted since our founding in 2006.

How did you find us today? We wouldn’t be surprised if it were from a Google search using words like healthcare marketing services and medical SEO agency.

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