Howard Stern star admits battering boyfriend in viral car live stream (2024)

Howard Stern Show personality Elisa Jordana has admitted that she battered her ex-fiancé in a viral live stream.

Elisa Ann Schwartz, who goes by the pseudonym Elisa Jordana, posted a livestream to YouTubein April as she drove through Palm Beach County, Florida.

During the broadcast, she and her ex-fiancéBahram Alipour were wrapped up in a violent altercation, with Schwartz repeatedly punching him as she confronted him about an alleged infidelity.

On Thursday she took a plea deal, receiving 12 months probation, 45 hours of community service, anger management courses and a small fine, per TMZ.

She must also undergo a mental health evaluation.

Live-streamer and former Howard Stern show personality Elisa Ann Schwartz has apologized after a video of her repeatedly striking her boyfriend went viral

Schwartz is seen smacking the man and swearing at him as they drive through Palm Beach County, Florida. She was later arrested and charged with felony battery

The dramatic footage shows her smacking the man in the face and threatening him.

He retaliates, grabbing her head and chasing after her on the road, before returning to the car and turning off the livestream.

Hours after the video was uploaded, Schwartz was arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and charged with felony battery.

In a statement to, the influencer apologized for her actions and insisted she had misrepresented herself.

'I just want to say I’m so sorry for what I portrayed on my livestream that everyone saw,' Schwartz said.

'This is not what I want to give to the world and it sucks that I got into such a sadness and anger - it was a really negative representation of who I am.

'I’m going to do everything I can to have better relationships with people that are good for me, and people that I’m also good for.'

She deemed the controversy and subsequent arrest 'the most challenging time of my life,' adding, 'if I can get through this time I will definitely be proud'.

The two-hour-plus livestream had garnered more than 150,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

The violence unfolded when her boyfriend's alleged mistress called into the livestream. Schwartz began hitting the man, who eventually retaliated by yanking her hair

In a statement to, Schwartz apologized and vowed to reevaluate her relationships with other people

The couple's dramatic fight stemmed from a confrontation over the man's alleged unfaithful behavior.

Earlier in the stream, Schwartz cried about the man sending thousands of dollars to another woman. Violence unfolded after the woman, identified only as Sara, called in.

Schwartz threatened to leak Sara's nudes and phone number online, which the other woman begged her not to do.

Her boyfriend attempted to weigh in, which prompted the streamer to punch him repeatedly in the arm and shoulder.

'Sara, I'm sorry about this,' he said, prompting Schwartz to strike him in the face with an open palm.

'Don't f***ing talk,' she barked.

The man lobbed insults at her while attempting to explain to viewers that she had discovered the texts between him and Sara in the middle of a couples therapy session.

As the conversation with Sara dragged on, Schwartz proclaimed that her boyfriend had described his mistress as a 'dumb Mexican' who had a child at 16.

She then grabbed her boyfriend's ear, which triggered him to grab her hair and drag her head into the passenger seat.

'Pull over dumb c***,' the man repeated, grabbing at the steering wheel, as Schwartz screamed, apologized and wailed that he was killing her.

The man instructed his alleged mistress to call 911 before forcing Schwartz out of the car.

The streamer was previously engaged to comedian Andy Dick as part of an Internet stunt

She appeared to run toward a vehicle that had stopped on the highway as her boyfriend climbed into the driver's seat and promptly ended the live stream.

The video was posted to Schwartz's YouTube page on Monday with the title 'Not Doing Good,' followed by her call-in number.

Following her arrest, a mugshot began to circulate online, only stoking the controversy.

Before finding notoriety online, Schwartz spent six years working for the Howard Stern show as a writer and even made occasional appearances on the show.

She was in a well-documented relationship with comedian and actor Benjy Bronk for years before she moved to Los Angeles.

In 2021, she was briefly in a relationship with, and temporarily engaged to, comedian Andy Dick.

Schwartz is also a former member of the band Cobra Starship, which enjoyed moderate success more than a decade ago.

In addition to documenting her personal life, Schwartz hosts a show called 'Kermit and Friends,' which she describes as 'a live comedic spiritual interactive variety show.'

Howard Stern star admits battering boyfriend in viral car live stream (2024)


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