Listen up! Podcaster Danielle Carolan is dishing out the advice Gen Z needs to hear (2024)

Life in your twenties is...complicated. But Danielle Carolan is happy to step into the role of big sis and give you a sneak peek at her survival guide.

Alongside pal Brooke Miccio, Carolan co-hosts the wildly popular Gals on the Go podcast—an ode to fashion, relationships, and everything in between. From the best facial sunscreens for your weekend away, to capsule wardrobe must-haves and dating advice, the ladies touch on a little bit of everything.

"I want our listeners to feel validated and not alone," Carolan tells My Imperfect Life.

She opens up to us about her goals for the podcast, her favorite summer TV binge, and how to keep stress-free in an increasingly stressful world. Here's what she has to say.

Danielle Carolan chats with My Imperfect Life

MIL: First and foremost: what do you want listeners to take away from your podcast?

DC: I want our listeners to feel validated and not alone. Our podcast is designed to provide a platform for women to discuss topics that are common to all. Often, it takes one person to speak up about their insecurities or share a potentially embarrassing experience for others to open up and share their own experiences. This creates a sense of shared connection and helps everyone feel less isolated.

Is there a particular episode that resonates with you most?

Choosing a favorite episode is a tough task because we pour our hearts into every single one. Nonetheless, I find myself drawn to the ones where I allow myself to be vulnerable and share openly. One particular episode, "Loneliness + Feeling Left Out," stands out from January [2023]. In it, we delved into the complexities of loneliness, post-grad life, navigating social circles, and coping strategies. We emphasized the value of embracing alone time and savoring it.

How do you keep mentally and physically healthy, particularly when life gets difficult?

Whenever I need to clear my mind or feel stressed, I put on my headphones and go for a walk. I prefer walking near water, so I often walk along the Hudson River via the West Side Highway. I recently learned about the Blue Mind Theory, which suggests that being near water can promote a meditative state. I feel that taking long walks along the water not only benefits me mentally but also physically.

What is something about friendships in your 20s that all women should know?

Each person has their own unique journey in life. One of your friends may still be in school, another may be going through a difficult relationship, and yet another may be pursuing their own business. It is crucial to avoid comparing your life to that of your friends, as everyone's path is different.

Additionally, it's important to understand that your schedule may not align with your friends' schedules anymore. In the past, you may have all attended college together and had the same free time to spend together, but now everyone faces different challenges and has different schedules. Therefore, when you do have the opportunity to spend time with your friends, cherish it, share some laughter, and enjoy their company as much as possible!

What styles are you loving now or a trend you're looking forward to trying?

Lately, I've been focusing on purchasing quality foundational pieces and pairing them with eye-catching earrings or a playful purse. This approach allows me to avoid buying overly trendy clothing and instead switch up the outfit's look with accessories. It's been fun to experiment with how many different ways I can style a good pair of jeans or a black tank top.

What are you watching lately?

Recently, I've been enjoying the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty. The show brings back fond memories of summer excitement, reuniting with camp friends, and spending time with family members who are only around during that season. It also reminds me of the innocent days of having a first crush and the funny awkward moments that come with liking someone.

What fashion and beauty products are you stocking up on?

This summer, I've been loving my white linen pants paired with a tank top, cute sandals, and lots of jewelry. It's a great way to instantly elevate my errands outfit on days when I feel like wearing sweatpants.

While it's a pricey item, the new Dyson Airstrait has been a game-changer for me. I can get out of the pool, wash my hair, and then style and dry my hair all in one tool. Plus, it's much better for my hair than using a flat iron.

The Summer Fridays lip balm is another favorite of mine. It's super moisturizing and comes in a variety of slightly tinted shades that look great on your lips. I can't get enough of it!

Listen up! Podcaster Danielle Carolan is dishing out the advice Gen Z needs to hear (1)$40

ASOS DESIGN linen relaxed pants


Dyson Airstrait Straightener


Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned since starting your podcast?

Effective communication is essential, especially when working with close friends. My best friend, Brooke, and I have been running our podcast for five years now, and we've learned that it's crucial to express any concerns or issues we have to prevent resentment from building up. At the same time, we also understand the importance of compromising and identifying the topics that we both feel strongly about when making decisions.

What projects are you working on next?

We are starting our next round of live shows this fall. It is a live show that we designed for our podcast listeners with segments, interactive moments, and so much fun. We will be visiting Chicago, Austin, Dallas, and New York City, and tickets are available on our

Catch Danielle Carolan in new episodes of Gals On The Go, available on Wednesdays.

Listen up! Podcaster Danielle Carolan is dishing out the advice Gen Z needs to hear (2024)


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