Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (2024)

Here’s how to make prom a night to remember.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (1)

From choosing your prom outfit to making an entrance, here’s how to make prom a night to remember. We’re going to help you prep for your prom like a pro and impress your friends when you hit the red carpet. Learn how to pick out the right prom suit for men in the perfect cut and how to ace your shoes and accessories; our men’s prom outfits guide is a one-stop-shop to looking sharp from head to toe.

And because it’s not all about your threads, we’ve included hair styling tips to polish your appearance and prom car ideas so you arrive in style. We even share how to stage the perfect ‘promposal’ (and what to do if it all goes pear-shaped).


  1. Suit, tux or blazer?
  2. Skinny, slim or tailored?
  3. Two-piece or three-piece
  4. The colour
  5. The shirt
  6. The accessories
  7. The shoes
  8. Buy or rent?
  9. How to tie a bow tie
  10. How to tie a Windsor knot
  11. The hair
  12. Inviting a date
  13. Transport
  14. The afterparty


Unless your prom has a strict dress code, you should be able to choose between a suit, a tuxedo or a blazer and trousers. Here’s what you should be looking at:

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (2)


A prom suit is ideal if you want a smart and modern look on the big night. Choose either a 2- or 3-piece suit (a waistcoat being the third piece), and what colour and cut you want: either skinny, slim or tailored. You can go for colour, texture or even a classic black prom suit, depending on your taste.

This slim fit navy black check suit by Moss will help you stand out from everyone else; it has a fresh appeal with its subtle pattern and close-fitting design. A pocket square adds a great finishing touch – perhaps in the same colour as your date’s outfit?

And when prom is nothing but a great memory, this suit can be dusted down and worn again for a big interview or your next special occasion.


Defined by sleek satin lapels, a wing-collar shirt and bow tie, the tuxedo – as seen above – channels old-school style. Like a suit, tailored, slim and skinny fit variations of the tux mean that men of all sizes and tastes can pull it off, while a pair of black patent shoes, silver cufflinks and a smart dress watch often get paired with this to complete the polished look.

The Moss slim fit black tuxedo would look great at prom. Its sharp cut creates a modern, streamlined silhouette, while the satin lapel adds vintage-style charm.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (3)


The blazer (basically a suit-style jacket) can instantly transform a shirt and smart jeans combo into a prom outfit. Typically available in a bolder range of colours than a standard suit jacket, they also tend to be cut more casually.

For example, you could pair this taupe shawl lapel jacket with a crisp white shirt, colourful bow tie and sharp black jeans. This way you’re keeping to the dress code but putting your own spin on it.

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For a suit to look good and feel comfortable, you have to match it to your body type. So, which would you fit best: slim or tailored?

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (4)


Defined by a tailored, narrow fit around the shoulder, chest, waist and sleeve, the slim fit look is finished off with tapered trouser legs to create a sharp, modern silhouette. It’s a look that works well for men with a slight, slim or medium build.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (5)


The tailored fit is a great way to accentuate your frame, while still leaving room to breathe. Defined by a jacket that’s tapered at the waist and has classic lapels, the trousers are tapered for a polished look. Ideal for guys with a slim, regular or large build, it’s a style that has wide appeal.

If you’re still not quite sure about your size and ideal cut, why not try our Custom Made service? Not only can you select your fit, colour and lining, but you can also have your owne the suit truly unique. personalised message embroidered on the inside to mak

Just drop in to see us and one of our suit experts will get you measured and have you fixed up and looking razor-sharp.

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Both two- or three-piece suits give you a distinct look. Here’s our take on each to help you choose.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (6)


A three-piece suit is just like a normal two-piece but has a waistcoat. More formal than a two-piece but less so than a dinner suit, it takes a classic, refined look to the next level.

If you’re looking to channel a touch of old-school charm, or want to echo UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor who’s known for his three-piece repertoire, perhaps three is the magic number.


Alternatively, the freedom of a two-piece suit may be more your thing. By ditching the waistcoat it’s easier to go loud with coloured or patterned shirts and ties.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, guys like footballing icon David Beckham and actor Michael Fassbender always pull off two-pieces like pros.

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Do you go for classic black, blue or grey, or switch things up with a daring colour scheme? Let’s explore your options.


Class and sophistication; that’s what you get with a black prom suit. Whether you opt for the timeless black tuxedo a-la Bond or a tailored fit three-piece, it’s a sure-fire winner in the style stakes and can blend perfectly into any prom.


Grey suits can be a suave choice for prom when carefully accessorised. Transform the look of a smart three-piece grey suit with a shot of colour on your shirt, tie or pocket square. Or take a page out of the blazer playbook and go bold with a grey check jacket paired with some navy chinos for a casual finish.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (7)


A blue blazer or dinner jacket gives your prom outfit a sense of classic style. This slim fit navy dress suit from our Moss collection combines classic style with a sharp cut. It’s a look that says you mean business.


You’ll be the talk of prom if you opt for a bold, untraditional colour for your suit, as shown below. Tie your outfit together with a tie and or pocket square that complement the suit’s colouring or, if you decide you want to make an entrance, dial it up with a bright printed shirt.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (8)

Colour doesn’t always have to be loud. This beautifully tailored aqua tweed suitfrom Moss has bags of vintage charm, thanks to its unconventional shade and classic fabric – a perfect blend of traditional and modern.

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As part of your prom gear, you need a shirt. Match the fit to your suit: skinny, slim or tailored. And you have to get the style right.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (9)


A formal shirt is a safe bet. Just like your normal shirt, but smarter; it’ll look great paired with your prom suit or blazer. A smooth white shirt in finest cotton and a sharp fit will add a refined edge to your look.

Or why not give your plain suit or blazer a burst of bold with a patterned formal shirt? With its delicate floral pattern, this shirt is a great balance between formal and casual and features a cutaway collar and single cuffs to let the pattern do the talking.


After something more causal? This linen shirtwill look awesome with a smart suit jacket or blazer. Keep things on the smart side by buttoning it right to the top.

Crisp white is always a good option for prom. Smart double cuffs always give a semi-formal vibe, while an extra slim fit is perfect to keep your look streamlined when paired with a standout suit or jacket.

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You’re probably going to want a tie or bow tie, but you can also accessorise your prom suit with things like a pocket square or cufflinks.


A tux needs a bow tie. For colour, you can’t go wrong with classic black. This pre-tied version is easily slipped on and off. Not feeling black? Get a pop of colour with this bold blush bow tie instead.

For two- and three-piece prom suits, pick out a regular tie in a colour that complements your suit or date’s outfit. This sage floral tie made with Liberty fabric from Moss has a light, summery feel to it. Keep it in place with this slick tie bar.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (10)


Provided you haven’t gone mad with colours or patterns in your outfit, cufflinks are a prom essential if you really want to make the effort. Somesilver mother of pearl cufflinksadd a bit of designer flair to your outfit.


Putting a brightly patterned pocket square in the chest pocket of your jacket can give your outfit a boost. Whether you go red, white or blue, or say it with a bold print, it’s a simple but effective upgrade.


Don’t undo all your hard work by flashing a tatty pair of socks when you stride into prom. A pair of bold socks make a great contrast to your suit. Pick a colour that matches your tie and pocket square to give your ensemble balance.


A worn-out belt is really going to show you up. You’ll probably want to match your shoe colour, which might mean a stylish black or brown leather belt will do the trick.


Not essential, but worn with a tux or retro-ish suit, braces are a great detail that show you’ve made a real effort – something your date will appreciate.

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Prom shoes say a lot about a man, so pick a pair that makes the right statement. If you’ve decided on a tux or a dress suit, you should probably go with a shiny pair of black patent dress shoes.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (11)

If you’re going less formal, then you have a ton of colour and style options. These leather loafersare stylish and distinctive, and they’ll pair up well with darker coloured suits. Choose the brown option if you’re going for something lighter.

Only if they go with your look can you get away with trainers. Perfect for a suit without the tie, or even to dress down a full tuxedo, they’ll add a bit of comfort to your outfit.

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It’s up to you, and you can do either at Moss. If you visit us in-store to look for your perfect three-piece suit or stylish prom suit, our guys will give you impeccable service either way. To make up your mind:


Buying a prom suit may not be as expensive as you think. Not only will you have something in your wardrobe sorted for your next event or big interview, but you can get more mileage out of it by wearing it other ways too – like with a T-shirt and trainers, or just the trousers with a sweatshirt or knit. You’ve also got the option to have it tailored for a custom fit at an additional cost.


Hiring a quality prom suit from Moss can set you back between £40 to £142, so you’ll it could work out cheaper than buying. It also gives you the chance to road test a new look with no commitment, or to wear an outfit you wouldn’t necessarily invest in.

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On the night, you’re going to have to do your tie or bow tie. The first one, you might have had some practice from school. The second one? We show you how:


The key to mastering the bow tie is to not get it too tight so that it stays perfectly put and doesn’t bunch your collar up. Of course, you could opt for a pre-tied version if you want to save on hassle.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (12)


Suitable for regular to skinny ties, tying a Windsor knot (the most common tie knot) is a skill you can pull out of the bag for an interview or a business meeting as well as your prom. So it’s worth knowing how to do it yourself.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (13)

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Turn some attention to your locks. You could just go with your regular style, but there’s no better time to upgrade to a slick new look that’s befitting of your new threads.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (14)


Keep it short and sweet with a contemporary fade, like the model above left.


Above right, a deep side part looks polished and held in place with pomade or some gel.


Above left, this low-key take on the side parting is easy enough to get right.


Go rough and rugged with this textured take on the usual barber’s short-back-and-sides, shown above right.

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Time to get a date. If you’re already going out with someone, you’re sorted. But, if you’re single and have had your eye on a special someone, then pop the question. Here are a few ideas:


Take your date-to-be to their favourite restaurant and get the waiter to slip your note onto the table with the food. Or, order takeaway pizza and have them write your message on the inside of the box.


If you’re brave enough, wow your potential date with your musical prowess, and put together a playlist of their favourite tunes called ‘Will you go to the prom with me?’.


Get your favourite local band or DJ to do a shout-out at a gig. It might involve a bit of planning and begging, but then everyone loves a risk-taker.

And, if your proposal goes pear-shaped and you’re given the cold shoulder, fear not. Be gracious, take it like a man and go to the prom with your mates. You’ll still have a great time and you never know who else will catch your eye.

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Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (15)


If there’s a night you don’t need to get a lift from your parents, it’s prom night. Whether you’re with your mates or a hot date, you need to arrive in style.


Travelling in a large group? A decked-out ‘party bus’ or limo could be the answer. Enjoy music, laughs and some great pics to post as you head out to prom.


Impress your date by shunning the clichéd limousine and hire a horse and carriage. Some might say you’re a little old-fashioned, others will think you’re just a modern romantic.


Make like a movie star and go for a massive Hummer. Everyone will notice when you arrive, and they’ll probably be taking so many shots of your ride it’ll feel like the red-carpet treatment.

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The best parties are often the after-parties, so why not organise your own? While party planning isn’t easy, the end results can be worth it if you get it right. Here are a few tips to kick you off:

  • Organise your party with a group so the tasks are shared out – one team, one dream.
  • Have a brainstorm and pick a good theme, whether it’s casino or 90s rave.
  • Set your budget and put the feelers out for numbers.
  • Get DJs, sort the venue and book door staff if you think you might need them.
  • Send out your invites and sort tickets if you don’t want a load of gate crashers.
  • Buy food and drink.
  • Party the night away!
  • The morning after, enjoy a well-earned break with a lazy pizza and movie day.

Got some ideas now? Take a look through our huge collection of prom suits for men to get your outfit sorted, or browse more of The Inside Pocket for more style tips.

Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide (2024)


What is the best color combo for prom suits? ›

Usually, you can't go wrong with neutral-toned pieces, such as gray, black, or navy. If you're looking for something more daring, opt for nontraditional colors or bold patterns, such as plaid or paisleys. Either way, ensure that whatever you select coordinates with your date's color scheme.

What are guys wearing to prom 2024? ›

Among the top prom trends of 2024, the emergence of bold colors stands out. This year is all about embracing vibrant shades like rich emerald green suits or velvet dinner jackets, for a striking statement on prom night.

Can I wear a grey suit to prom? ›

Because of your age and the setting, it's hard to go wrong when picking a color. First, we'll cover the classics. A simple black, blue, or grey suit or tuxedo is a prom staple, and will leave you looking dapper and well put together on this special night.

What 3 color suits should a man own? ›

So, if there are only three suits you could ever have in the wardrobe, or if you are building a wardrobe of clothes from scratch, the dinner suit, navy suit and mid-grey suit are the three you should consider, no matter who you are or what you do.

What suit colors go together? ›

Suit, shirt and tie combinations
YouthfulSolid grey suitWhite shirt with sky blue, purple or pink stripes
FormalBlue or black suitWhite or light blue shirt
ModernBlue suitWhite base shirt with white collar and cuffs, and sky blue or pink stripes
DynamicBeige suitWhite shirt
2 more rows

What do guys give girls before prom? ›

Buy A Corsage Or Flowers

Prom tradition says the guy presents his date with a beautiful floral corsage. What's a corsage, you ask? It's a small bouquet of flowers worn on a female's wrist. (Your date will likely buy a similar boutonniere for the lapel of your tux.)

How to look hot for prom? ›

10 Beauty Tips for Prom
  1. Get glowing skin. Tame your acne with eye drops to reduce redness. ...
  2. Whiten your smile. ...
  3. Clean up your brows. ...
  4. Hydrate your hair. ...
  5. Use a good deodorant or antiperspirant product. ...
  6. Add a pop of color to the eyes. ...
  7. Change up your hair. ...
  8. Treat yourself like a celebrity with a lip color change.
Apr 17, 2014

How do you stand out at prom? ›

Be unique: Obviously your personal style, accessorizing talents, and inner confidence will make your prom look completely one-of-a-kind. Plus, with so many combinations of style customizations and color options, it'll be pretty hard to have a “who wore it best” moment on the dance floor.

Do boys wear tuxedos to prom anymore? ›

Unless the invitation says you have to wear a tuxedo (or strictly says black tie is the dress code), you could consider wearing a tuxedo as an option instead of a must. You should be able to choose between a suit and a tuxedo. For less informal proms, pants and a fancy blazer should even be fine.

Do guys go to prom without a date? ›

Absolutely! Don't let the fear of going alone keep you from making memories. Going to prom with your friends is much more common than one might think, sometimes more common than actually going with a date. Consider it a fun night out with your friends and make the most of it!

What does prom stand for? ›

Although prom in its precise definition is short for promenade dance—a formal dance party for high school students held toward the end of the school year—there are several other activities that typically take place on prom night, including group photo sessions, dinners and afterparties.

What is inappropriate for a prom dress? ›

o Dresses that are too revealing, are skin tight or form-fitting, expose midriffs or cleavage, or are too short in length are not appropriate.

Can I wear a suit to prom instead of a tux? ›

Unless your prom has a strict dress code, you'll have the choice between wearing a suit and a tuxedo. So what's the deal – they're both pretty smart, right? Yes, but put simply, one is more formal than the other.

Is a blue suit OK for prom? ›

If there is no color code for a prom party, you may go for a blue suit. It's still a classic color. If you choose something darker, you can go for red, gold, silver, purple, or even animal print. If you want to make a statement, then white or black is the way to go.

What color is most popular at prom? ›

Red Prom Dresses: The Most Popular and Timeless Choice for Prom Night. The most popular prom dress color is undoubtedly red. Red is a bold and vibrant color that exudes confidence and energy. It is a color that has been associated with love, passion, and excitement, making it the perfect choice for prom night.

What color do most girls wear to prom? ›

Jewel Tones – These dark, romantic colors look stunning on a variety of skin tones, making them extremely popular for prom. Burgundy, emerald, navy, and deep purple are very common jewel tones for prom dresses. Neutrals – From champagne to eggshell and blush, neutral hues are very popular colors for prom.

What should match for prom? ›

Tips for Matching for Prom
  • Coordinate Colors Instead of Matching. You and your date don't have to match for prom, but you may want to complement each other, at least. ...
  • Match With the Tie. ...
  • Match Fabrics or Textures. ...
  • Match the Style. ...
  • Coordinate Patterns. ...
  • Coordinate Flowers. ...
  • Pick Your Dress First. ...
  • Talk It Out.
Mar 27, 2020

What suit color looks the best? ›

We recommend sticking with dark-colored suits, like black, navy, or charcoal gray for a formal event. For a day at the office, an all black men's suit is way too formal. Instead, we recommend wearing a gray or navy blue men's suit to work.


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