Second World - Chapter 1890. Pinnacle Special Classes’ Skills Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 1890. Pinnacle Special Classes’ Skills

Chapter 1890. Pinnacle Special Classes’ Skills

When Spring Crown's class changed to Weapon God, he gained several passive abilities. The most unique one was he could now see literal weak points in his opponents. These weak points were shown in the form of small red dots. If Spring Crown hit these weak points, he could score more damage.

While in battle, these red dots might enlarge due to the enemy's movements or the results of getting attacked. This only happened in a short interval, though. If Spring Crown hit these weak points when the red dots enlarged, he would score a critical hit. Additionally, it would also cause the opponent to stagger.

That was what caused Mammon's swing to swerve and miss hitting Jeanny. Spring Crown's perceptive eyes quickly located the weak points on Mammon's swinging arm. His uncanny control let him strike one of these weak points accurately and with perfect timing when the red dot enlarged.

These red dots didn't just exist on the opponent's body. They were also there on the opponents' weapons. Sometimes, but rarely, weak spots also appeared in the opponents' skills or spells. If Spring Crown hits these spots accurately, he might even cancel an active skill, but the difficulty and timing would be much more difficult.

Spring Crown saw these red dots as Mammon's weapon came rushing at him. The dark purple aura it exuded caused pressure even before the weapon arrived. Spring Crown's stats had skyrocketed due to his high level, special class, max-leveled bloodline, and at least unique-grade equipment. If not, he would be unable to move from the suffocating pressure.

He positioned himself as the hammer in his hand changed into a spear. He stabbed using Penetrating Stab just as the weapon arrived. His stab hit the spot where the red dot, which represented the weak point, enlarged.


Spring Crown was sent crashing into the ground. He suffered damage from the blow.

However, Mammon also recoiled from the impact, which startled him greatly. There was no way this little outworlder could rival the force generated from his attack. Yet, he couldn't deny the reality before him. Due to his attack being halted, Spring Crown didn't receive as much damage as he should have.

During the pause when he was staggered and surprised, the ground below him erupted. A massive earthquake destabilized his footing while gigantic vines shot out. These giant vines coiled around him, holding him down, while the churned rocks battered at him.

The earthquake and vines were the result of Freddie's spell. The level 60 spell from World Warden, World Interference. It was both an AOE offensive and control spell. This spell could immobilize many opponents in a large area. Against Mammon, Freddie needed to focus all the spell's power on the devil to barely hold him down.

"How dare you…! Release me!!!" Mammon shouted. He heaved. The vines holding one of his arms snapped.

Everyone knew Mammon couldn't be constrained for long. Yet, this small window allowed them the chance to land a big attack, which was what Jeanny did. She used the Dragon Lord level 70 skill, Dragon Bone Lance.

A huge lance made of dragon bone materialized in the air near Jeanny. The lance then shot toward Mammon. Trails of the air being shredded were visible as the lance advanced.

Dragon Bone Lance was a highly damaging skill. At max level, it dealt 3000% physical damage. It ignored 80% defense. If the target was hit, it lowered the target's defense by 30% and its max HP by 5%. These reductions lasted the entire battle. It also had a high chance of wounding the target.

The skill was a perfect skill against a colossal target. Its two most important aspects were its wounding capability and reducing the opponent's defense and HP until combat was over. This effectively lowered the difficulty in inflicting damage to Mammon for the remainder of the battle. This was why Jeanny aimed to land this skill on Mammon as soon as an opportunity arose.

Freddie's World Interference couldn't hold Mammon for long. But if only to provide the window for Jeanny's Dragon Bone Lance to hit, the spell was enough for the task.

Mammon was exerting strength to release himself. The giant vines entangling him were torn one by one, but it was not fast enough before the giant bone lance pierced into him. Despite the urgency, there was no sign of worry on his face.

Jeanny was still wondering about Mammon's calm expression when a shadow came between her Dragon bone Lance and Mammon.

It was one of Mammon's wolves. The dark wolf put itself right in the Dragon Bone Lance's path. The lance pierced the wolf's body, and its HP went down drastically. The lance continued to force itself forward, but its speed was greatly reduced.

While the first wolf used its body as a shield to slow the lance, the second wolf came at the lance from the side. Its body wrapped around the lance. Its mouth opened wide and bit down hard on the lance. The lance cracked from the pressure. It then shattered.

The two dark wolves landed beside Mammon just as he finished ripping himself out of the entanglement. The wounded wolf shrunk and returned to Mammon's shoulder. Its HP started regenerating then.

"I must admit the four of you surprised me," Mammon praised. "You are unlike the other frail outworlders. Even so, your attempt to challenge me is nothing but folly."

"Do not underestimate us, devil," Jeanny uttered.

"Haha. Nice spirit, but that won't help you," Mammon said.

The wolf head that was recovering detached from Mammon and turned into the dark wolf again. Its HP was back to full. The most demoralizing thing was all the negative status effects it suffered were gone. Even the defense reduction from getting hit by the dragon bone lance was also gone. The dark wolf was as if new.

"Tch!" Jeanny lamented the situation. Her Dragon Bone Lance had been wasted for nothing.

"Tear them apart!" Mammon commanded. The two dark wolves turned into shadows and rushed to Jeanny and Spring Crown. 𝗳r𝚎e𝘄𝐞b𝚗𝗼ve𝚕.co𝗺

When the two prepared themselves, the two wolves were the ones who were intercepted this time. Multiple gigantic rings made of light locked one of the wolf's body, rendering it unable to move. The other wolf had to change direction because a beam of silver light shot in his direction.

The silver beam exploded into multiple small energy balls that chased after the wolf. The wolf swung its paws to hit the silver balls that were about to hit him. The balls exploded upon contact and dealt soul-element damage to the wolf.

"We will deal with them!"

Jeanny and the others turned to the voice. It was Leda. She was the one casting the spell that conjured the rings of light locking down the wolf, while the silver beam came from the Soul Swan. The Soul Swan didn't let up. Its standard attacks produced energy bullets that kept the dark wolf busy after all the silver balls exploded.

"Hah! If it is a matter of reinforcement, you people are in deep sh*t," Mammon ridiculed.

He didn't just boast, though. The demons indeed outnumbered them. Many nearby demons were already on their way when they saw Mammon getting entrapped by giant vines. Nova had organized the defenders to engage the demons to let Jeanny and her team focus on Mammon, but it took time for the army to move around the battlefield. The soldiers were still rearranging their positions as they continued fighting the demons.

"David!" Jeanny called.

"Got it," David said. He used a skill after receiving the signal. The skill was Celestial Commander level 90 skill, Celestial Army Descend. When used, this skill summoned a host of celestial soldiers. At max level, five hundred celestial soldiers were summoned.

After David used the skill, the air behind him shimmered. Tears started appearing in the space where the air shimmered. Rays of white light shone from these tears. The tears enlarged until it became a giant portal. Figures were seen from inside this portal. No one could make out these figures because of the blinding light streaming from the portal. Only after these figures flew out of the portal did everyone get a good look at them.

The celestial soldiers had the face of a human. Only their faces were exposed. The rest of their bodies were covered in metallic suits. On their back were metal wings. Despite being made of metal, the wings flapped like normal feathery wings.

These celestial soldiers spread out after flying out of the portal. Following David's mental command, they engaged the demons coming to aid Mammon.

In the celestial soldiers' hands were unique weapons. The weapons were both a rifle and a spear. They used these gunspears to fire at enemies from range. The gunspears shot lasers that dealt light-element damage. When the enemies came into melee range, the celestial soldiers showed that they were also expert spear-wielders.

Mammon looked at this host of celestial army that fought his demon horde. He snickered. It's not like he needed the help anyway.

He turned to the four outworlders and said, "It seems like you are determined to make this battle strictly between us. Hehe. So be it. I accept your challenge. I will show you how foolish you all are."

Second World - Chapter 1890. Pinnacle Special Classes’ Skills Free Read Online (2024)


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