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Today’s Problem:

Every effort to improve your digital presence hasn’t made a difference. You’ve tried to implement healthcare SEO by yourself, or you’ve hired an SEO company to do it for you, but your site is still not ranking in Google searches.

Patients are choosing other facilities because they’re ranking higher online.

Maybe you have tried some of the advanced tactics that you researched, such as enhancing keywords, rewriting your content, and trying to understand how Google’s complicated algorithm updates impact your website. You may have even attempted to improve user experience by optimizing images, implementing proper header tags in your content, and using attractive calls to action.

However, in spite of these efforts, your site still isn’t ranking highly, and your competitors continue to take up the top spots on the first page of Google SERPS.

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Our Solutions:

Sequence Health’s exceptional healthcare SEO services guarantee greater visibility on Google and a substantial surge in website traffic, which translates to more leads.

Our healthcare SEO solutions have helped numerous clients elevate their rankings on search engines, generating more sales for their healthcare companies. We attribute this success to our team’s proficiency in contemporary SEO techniques and a comprehensive understanding of the medical industry.

Our marketing solutions for healthcare practitioners and organizations are based on extensive knowledge of SEO and a thorough understanding of trends in medical content development. We strongly believe that relevant, accurate, and compelling content is critical to the performance of any healthcare website. It attracts and engages site visitors, improves your site’s search engine ranking, and ensures users find valuable and reliable information when seeking healthcare resources online.

Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to leverage our SEO expertise to bolster your ranking on search engines. This makes it easier for patients to find you.

We are always seeking to get to the root of any challenge in order to design fitting solutions that yield tangible results. While plenty of medical digital marketing companies can do SEO for businesses, it takes a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry to perform effective SEO for doctors and other medical professionals. We believe our extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry makes us uniquely suited to develop winning SEO for medical practice.

Our SEO team possesses valuable insights into patients’ search behaviors, including the keywords they use, questions directed to search engines, and the type of medical content that most resonates with them. By combining our medical expertise with SEO strategies, we promise to elevate your online presence and attract more users to your website, translating into more patients for your practice.

Sequence Health’s Advanced SEO Strategies

Healthcare SEO Services | Medical SEO Company - Sequence Health (3)

On-page optimization

Optimized web page content
Keyword research and analysis
Call-to-action development
Blog creation

Healthcare SEO Services | Medical SEO Company - Sequence Health (4)

Off-page optimization

Competitor analysis
Link-building strategies
Social media strategies
Brand development
Content distribution

Healthcare SEO Services | Medical SEO Company - Sequence Health (5)

Reporting and analytics

Strategic planning
In-depth analytics
Partnership development

When Sequence Health takes over your medical digital marketing, we don’t just hit the high points, such as adding a few keywords or building out your Facebook profile.

We start from the ground and build up, developing a medical SEO strategy based on your brand identity, your corporate objectives, and your current strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses. Our strategies will identify where you can grow to help you reach your goals.

When your site is not getting the traffic it should, and you are not seeing conversions, let the marketing professionals at Sequence Health give your site a big boost with powerful healthcare seo services, which effectively work to increase the presence of your site organically.

“OurSearch Engine Optimization strategies work because we understand the healthcare industry. It’s all we do. For more than 17 years, we have developed a deep understanding of what a potential patient is looking for when they search the web. We know how to put that information in front of them, so that they are drawn into your program.“

– Rich Rosenzweig | Founder & CEO

FAQs About Medical SEO

What does medical SEO entail?

Medical SEO refers to the strategic application of SEO techniques to healthcare websites to enhance their online visibility and accessibility to patients. The purpose of this digital marketing strategy is to ensure that individuals searching for medical information or services can easily find and trust the relevant content, ultimately improving the website's reach and credibility.

How does SEO for healthcare benefit doctors?

SEO for the healthcare industry benefits doctors by boosting their visibility online, making it easier for potential patients to find and access their expertise. This optimization increases the likelihood of attracting new patients actively searching for healthcare services online.

What should I consider when choosing an SEO agency?

The most important factor to consider when picking an SEO agency is its track record. Before signing any contracts, examine the company’s past work and clients to verify that they can deliver the results you seek. Sequence Health has worked with countless clients in the medical industry throughout the USA. Thanks to our expert medical SEO services, all our clients have achieved and maintained high rankings on Google, and our team of SEO gurus is here to ensure you do the same. Give us a call today to find out more about our SEO for medical practitioners.

How will medical website SEO improve my website’s visibility?

Medical website SEO enhances your website's visibility by strategically optimizing its content, making it more likely to appear in relevant search results for healthcare-related queries. Ultimately, medical SEO increases the chances of your website being discovered by individuals actively seeking healthcare information, boosting its overall visibility and reach.

How do I recover my website after the Google Medic Update?

To bounce back from the Google Medic Update, you’ll need to focus your efforts on optimizing your website's medical content, ensuring it reflects expertise and trustworthiness. You can also cultivate a positive online presence through quality backlinks and user-friendly features.

Healthcare SEO Services | Medical SEO Company - Sequence Health (2024)


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